One of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the country, Allsteel was long overdue to refresh their site. Blast Radius completed a total UI/UX overhaul of their site and created new, innovative ways to encourage users to explore new product lines and more easily discover the product assets their audience requires.

ROLE: Art Direction, Design, User Interface

Find what you need, discover what's new
Allsteel’s primary users are workplace planning designers who source office furniture and plan a large workplace’s layout and flow. To drive engagement with new products, the modular site offered numerous configurations to push new product front and center when necessary and to recede into the background otherwise. To get users to explore more products, the homepage scrolled infinitely, loading new products and content along the way.

IBM’s enterprise crowdfunding program, iFundIT, is being used to drive innovation inside the company. Through iFundIT, IBM employees around the world are making an impact by funding the creation of apps and digital products that make their work easier.


Design Direction, UI / UX


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