Codebashing is a hands-on interactive application security training platform for web developers. Training sessions educate developers on the latest vulnerabilities and attacks facing online applications and deliver the solutions and fixes to stop attackers dead in their tracks.

ROLE: Illustration,Art Direction

Humanizing web security
Command Injection? Reflected XSS? Click Jacking? Codebashing's software helps web security pros get up to speed with the latest attacks and vulnerabilities their clients face. While these terms might be familiar to the seasoned security pro, similarities between attacks can seem overwhelming and confusing to newbies. These icons lend a memorable visual cue to these new concepts, helping users discern the nuanced differences between attacks more quickly.

Alice vs. Bob—Good vs. Evil
We created two characters to embody the good and the bad side of web security. Bob, the evil hacker is trying his best to ruin Alice's day. But she's determined to learn his tricks and stop him from dead in his tracks. The characters are used throughout the site to add emotion when reactions and emphasis are necessary to illustrate a point. Think of them like a "Clippy" that you don't hate.


Design Direction, UI / UX


Appirio Digital Studio