Making the complex simple, through fun and approachable brand illustration.




Every company is looking for employee engagement ideas that will actually help motivate and retain employees. HighGround’s employee engagement software changes the way you manage performance, recognize and reward, and survey your workforce. I've worked with Highground to build upon their existing visual library to make their illustration portfolio simple, engaging and fun.

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Big Orange Lab


Codebashing is an application security (app-sec) training platform for web developers. Training sessions educate developers on the latest vulnerabilities and attacks facing online applications and deliver the solutions and fixes needed to stop attackers dead in their tracks.

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Big Orange Lab

Humanizing web security

Command Injection? Reflected XSS? Click Jacking? Codebashing's software helps web security pros get up to speed with the latest attacks and vulnerabilities their clients face. While these terms might be familiar to the seasoned security pro, similarities between attacks can seem overwhelming and confusing to newbies. These icons lend a memorable visual cue to these new concepts, helping users discern the nuanced differences between attacks more quickly.

Alice vs. Bob—Good vs. Evil

We created two characters to embody the good and the bad side of web security. Bob, the evil hacker is trying his best to ruin Alice's day. But Alice (that’s you!) is determined to learn the techniques to stop him cold. The characters are used throughout the training modules to add emotion when emphasis is necessary to illustrate a particular point.

Starbucks Stickers Pack

I helped Swift and Starbucks expand and enhance their messaging app sticker pack. We added 30 new stickers to the existing collection and utilized animation for the first time to better bring our anthropomorphized Frappuccino friend to life and give Starbucks fans a better way to say “hello.”

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