Sous lets US Foods take a robust sales tracking application on the road.


Design Direction, UI / UX, Identity

made with:

Appirio Digital Studio

In the kitchen, your sous chef is your next in command. For US Foods, “Sous” is the go-to application that powers their entire sales organization. From tracking account details and sales leads, managing calendars and appointments, to keeping track of tasks, Sous offers a robust feature set that impacts every part of the sales process.

Prior to Sous, the sales team had been using a patchwork of different solutions, resulting in both communication and technological disconnects between teams. Sous brings together the essential functions that the sales team needs throughout the entire sales process, becoming an indispensable part of their workflow.

Sous’ custom calendar includes both at-a-glance and detailed information relevant to each sales visit. Through the calendar, users can quickly access account information and perform quick actions to document the next step with a customer.

With Sous, users have access to the right information at the right time. Contributions from team members aggregate in real-time on a detailed account tracking system. Problems are easily surfaced, necessary tasks and outcomes can be documented easily and all users stay informed.

Above all, we strived to make Sous personal and fun to use. It’s an internal sales tracking application, no one’s having fun here, but we gave it the design and brand attention of a consumer facing application. Through playful illustrations and snappy, responsive animations, we made Sous feel like your personal sidekick, because “Sous helps you make it!”