Through iFundIT, IBM employees around the world made an impact by funding the creation of apps and digital products that make their work easier.


Design Direction, UI / UX

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In 2016, Topcoder and IBM formed a tight partnership to rapidly prototype over 20 digital product ideas for iFundIT, IBM’s enterprise crowdfunding program.

We worked closely with IBM stakeholders to understand their problems and discover solutions that would drive productivity forward. We delivered a wide range of ideas to our clients at each stage of the process, from wireframe, to design and into prototype, giving them a hand in the process to finding the best possible solution to their unique needs.

Mood Marbles

Mood Marbles is a simple application that gathers and calculates individual and overall team sentiment.  Each day, team members choose a “marble” and offer feedback and comments to show their feelings on the direction or status of a project. The average sentiment of the whole team and individual members is tracked and can be viewed for any day, week, or month, allowing a high level view of team happiness trends.

IBM Memory Recognition

At over 300,000 people, it’s often difficult for IBMers to know and feel connected to their colleagues in different offices. The problem is furthered by the frequent travel many consultants face, placing them in new locations around the globe with an ever-rotating cast of new teammates.

The IBM Memory Recognition app helps users memorize and recall the names, faces and roles of colleagues through a socially connected app and memory game experience. The app offers and encourages users with a variety of games/challenges to strengthen their memory retention and recall of colleagues they’ve met, been in contact with or are in close proximity to.

“The biggest impact [of iFundIT] so far has been cultural. People love it, because it makes their jobs more fun and gives them a chance to invent solutions for business problems that have been frustrating them.”

—Ryan Hutton: Program Manager, Technology Adoption Program, IBM

Blueview Interview

IBM HR staff had been utilizing a hodge-podge of software products to schedule interviews, track candidates and record information about interview sessions. The system was full of hiccups and they wanted an all-in-one solution that could be used continuously throughout the entire interview process.

IBM Blueview Interview assists IBM interviewers through the entire candidate review process. HR staff and team-specific interviewers can schedule interview sessions, rate candidate success, and get high-level overviews of candidate ratings and progress. The process has been completely streamlined and can now be run from a single iPad application.