An online battle of the bands campaign to crown one artist worthy of the the SM58 microphone.


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The Shure SM58 microphone is a battle-tested classic. A staple in music venues across the globe. The "Give It Voice" campaign placed the mic center stage through a nation-wide, crowdsourced music tour. Bands entered. Fans voted. Finalists duked it out in live shows across the country. One winner was crowned. And the mic held stage.

Prove it Online

The campaign kicked off with a web-based battle-of-the-bands contest. Bands from across the country uploaded their best track and rallied the support of their fanbase for a chance to display their talents live at one of six local showcases.

Prove it live

Online vote winners from each region duked it out live onstage, in one of six showcases, where fans in attendance crowned a winner. A second fan vote on these live performances sent one winner to represent Shure at SXSW showcase.

A ska band won... which sort of ruined everything 🎷😢 but building a platform for bands across the country to promote themselves, culminating in real performances was an incredible experience ✌