Helping students manage their college experience and connect with the campus community.


Design Direction, UI / UX

made with:

Appirio Digital Studio

Maryville University’s existing campus community site had users, but lacked a defined purpose to continually drive traffic to the site. We re-envisioned the Maryville Community as a place to see what’s happening on campus, connect with peers, and quickly find the information and forms students need to complete common administrative tasks.

We brought together the content of several existing sites to make the community more useful. We created a new user profile dashboard so students could easily track the progress of their administrative requests, eg: dropping a class or requesting an appointment with their advisor. Combined calendars from across the university help students, faculty and the public know what’s happening on campus.

We digitized and streamlined over a dozen administrative process flows, with more arriving in the future. We developed a common design language to simplify these previously complicated, pen and paper tasks, into consistent processes. Through a series of yes/no questions students are shown only the form elements they need based on their answers, reducing errors and confusion and significantly speeding up the timeline to approval.