What’s the recipe for a perfect moment? Start with one part family and one part fun. Mix, and you have the makings of a moment you’ll never forget.


Art Direction, UI / UX

made with:

Blast Radius


Emily Oxinio

Inspiration with a twist

Krusteaz products are a fail-proof way to bake. Perfect for moms that don't have time for the blog-worthy meal, but still want to deliver a little something extra to get the family excited on a weekend morning. Our site highlights how moms can flex their creativity with a few simple twists and a creative mindset to turn an ordinary breakfast into a cherished family moment.

Make it yours

Throughout the site we encourage opportunities for users to tweak to a recipe to make it their own. On this product page, users drag-and-drop simple additions to the basic recipe to add their own creative twist.

A home for your creativity

Users are encouraged to save and share their favorite recipes and their original creations, incentivizing return visits and engagement between users. Returning users are rewarded with discounts on product and helpful recipes and suggestions based on their likes.