snipsnip facilitates the sharing of fruits, vegetables, herbs, houseplants and more within your local community.


Design Direction, UI / UX

There is an abundance of plant-life growing in the pacific northwest. Home gardeners plant raised beds instead of front lawns. Community gardens and farmers markets thrive. Herbs, fruits and berries grow freely.

But despite the prevalence of plant life and plant enthusiasts, there does not exist a singular community to facilitate the exchange of these goods. Snipsnip envisions a strong, local community for plant growers of all types and scales to buy, sell and trade plant life.

Through our research, we found a huge variety of behaviors within existing channels where plants/plantlife are exchanged. Our initial launch focuses on the core experience of making it simple for users to exchange items within a few broad categories and easily communicate with each other. We’re excited to see how the platform will be utilized and are planning future updates around the directions our users take it.

From helping a home gardener give away a little extra, the organic farmer that wants to highlight their seasonal best at the farmers market, to the renter whose new apartment doesn’t have enough light to keep their plant happy, SnipSnip is there.

Check out a super-early beta of SnipSnip at