Facebook Business News provides a singular resource to learn and do more with Facebook ad products.


UI / UX, Prototyping

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Facebook Business News provides inspiration, research, best practices, and more to businesses both large and small. We simplified and streamlined the experience, exposing users to content from across Facebook’s brands. We also introduced Ensemble, a new design language created for Facebook’s combined business properties. The new platform gives Facebook’s content writers the tools they need to tell stories that will inspire users to create best in class ad creative.

The new editorial platform delivers a premium reading experience. We designed a vast range of text-based and visual components that allow writers to craft articles about wide ranging subject matter—from creative excellence to data visualization to individual stories and more.

The experience needed to feel as good as it looked. We prototyped extensively—perfecting micro-interactions and tested repeatedly—ensuring a simple, intuitive and immediately understandable experience.

Finally, we delivered extensive documentation, ensuring our design system withstands the test of time.