A premium shopping experience from an enduring, iconic brand.


Prototyping, Motion, UI / UX

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Unlimited access to a style icon

Levi’s looked to Instrument to shift perception of their brand from “just jeans,” toward head-to-toe wardrobe and exclusive collaborations with elite fashion brands. We built a renewed mobile experience that unlocks a premium shopping experience and grants access to product drops, custom wardrobe suggestions and a robust loyalty program.

As one of three visual designers on the project, I explored design concepts, refined UI and interactivity, and lead the process of crafting interactive prototypes and motion studies to bring our work to life. These prototypes built excitement with our client and allowed us to explore, validate and document a unique and ownable motion system.


New users are presented with a brief but thorough introduction to the app’s features and benefits. Users may customize their style preferences to surface content relevant to their interests as part of the signup process.


The Discover feed houses shoppable product drops, new collection releases, editorial content, style tips, and brand stories. This section sets the app apart from a typical mobile web experience—providing users a premium, elevated, insider experience built custom to their interests.


A core pillar of the experience is the full e-commerce catalogue. Weaving storytelling into product grid walls and the shopping journey furthers the strategy of establishing Levi’s as a style authority with reach beyond jeans.

Product pages for specialty collections leverage contextual color and storytelling to increase excitement and create an emotional connection with the products.


Levi's existing loyalty program was refined to offer users incentives through Levi’s store or event check-ins, sharing content from the app, or by purchasing items in store.


We delivered extensive documentation and style guides for our motion system and card designs, ensuring design integrity as the project is handed off to third-party developers and Levi's own internal design team.


A Premium Experience
The Levi’s app offers users personalized content and style tips, access to exclusive, premium products, and rewards for their loyalty. Unique and ownable design and interactivity place the app among the elite fashion brands.